A photograph of the wares infoshop library room. It is framed at a slight angle, facing a wall with windows. The room is lit in warm yellow lighting. Wooden shelves with multiple tiers of books occupy the left half of the image, with boxes of zines visible as well, alongside other zines on display. At the top of a shelf in the middle of the frame is a black and white antifascist flag hanging from the top, with a classical guitar resting flat above it. On the right half of the image, flanking the windows are more shelves and potted plants, including a large leafy bird's nest fern and monstera. There is a fridge and and sofa as well. In the foreground, a floral patterned fabric banner pinned on a display shelf reads "wares".
wares infoshop library in our new space, October 2022

Hello and welcome!

This is the new online home of wares infoshop library. If it's your first time landing here, the about page gives a quick overview of the project, while individual pages, linked below with recent blog posts, will delve into specifics of its different aspects.

After restarting activities for a brief period in February 2022, we were forced to close and search for a new space as our lease wasn't renewed. With four months of intense work, we are finally gearing up to welcome visitors to our new space in September. We thank you for your patience, and sincerely apologise for any distress our hiatus has caused, especially with regards to failures at keeping up with the mutual aid initiative. This is something we're still working on, if slowly due to burnout and the isolating, fatiguing conditions of the ongoing pandemic – without forgetting that capitalism is the crisis.

In the meantime, we continue to work on adding more to pages here, refining what we write, and realigning our online presence away from social media platforms. Possibility arises from encounter, and there is much to build. In regaining momentum, we look forward to sharing space with friends, comrades, and fellow travellers again, and hope to meet you soon!

September 2022

A photograph of the old wares infoshop library room in Geylang.
The old Geylang infoshop library right before moving out in April 2022

Recent Posts

A photograph of the old wares infoshop library room in Geylang. Windows on the left and a doorway in front lights the room with daylight, there are posters on the walls and books on shelves, including a central island with magazines in stands. A large potted monstera plant also sits here, in the centre of the room and picture.
The Geylang library room in April 2021, just before a major reworking