Mutual Aid

Last March, wares infoshop started a mutual aid initiative in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and impending quarantine. This was informed by the work of similar autonomous groups and spaces in other cities, and happened in parallel to other projects for community solidarity in Singapore. wares mutual aid is centred on a set of volunteer-maintained online tools that help to remotely and directly connect people with one another based on asks and offers for support. It exists apart from and counter to government initiatives and charity bodies that enforce logics of racist, sexist, ableist capitalist competition and deservingness for help, instead encouraging a communal sharing of resources and abilities towards growing capacity for shared life in common. Over the past year, numerous folks have organised support and care groups, localised branch networks, personal-scale fundraising, and done amazing work keeping up with contact and needs, however it is clear people are struggling due to oppressive structural features, and many have also faced burnout. To address this and other issues, the initiative is currently being reorganised and refined, but a telegram group remains active and any help for people’s asks is still very much welcome – let’s make mutual aid and care everyday practice, outside of emergency.

We’re working on adding more information to this page, please hold on!