Due to the effects of the pandemic and troubling events that had unfolded in February within the softwallstuds collective that was hosting us, we are in the middle of figuring out the leasing situation of our space and practical changes that will come. We look forward to returning when we can with bookings, events, and intentional gatherings.


There is a need for space for people to gather, to fight isolation and separation, to find affinities, to dream, and to build other forms of life. Counter to that version of existence sold to us spinning around productivity and value, where even creativity, health, and care have been coopted into the same orbit, there must be more. We reject the pressure to turn all time into and over to products and experiences for consumption, that tacit understanding that everything is in competition. We want to create a basis for friendship and communal joy, both through activity and also such that activity for shared life grows in possibility. This space will be an open and entangled one, challenging itself and inhabitants to break stratification and exclusions imposed by power, supporting actions in solidarity and struggle, resisting the learned impulses to police behaviours or ignore conflict, while maintaining commitments towards accountable community.

Encounters we’ve had in the past include: quiet reading nights accompanied by live ambient music (Against the Disquiet), a queer zine-making holiday hang out (with Queer Zinefest), transnational knowledge sharing and participatory woodcut printing (with Denpasar Kolektif), autonomous self-organised reading groups, as well as private social and organising meetings. We would love to host more action-oriented workshops around skills, making, and hacking, incorporating knowledge around food, farming, medicine, mental health, abolition, construction, play, strength, agitation, aesthetics, refusal, destitution, fugitive and queer histories, navigating legal mazes, and much more.

Showcase of material and demonstration of woodcut printing by Denpasar Kolektif, November 2019