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Open Library · dwelling some ware(s)

[Archived from original facebook event page on 26 December 2021]

7 August 2017

Event details: Wednesday 9 August 2017, 3 – 11pm

A dwelling is often taken to be synonymous with “home”, but it could carry a suggestion of being temporary, or something taken as purely utilitarian, like a shelter for living. Which is not to say it is lesser than a home, because what too is that? What makes up that notion of home, so easily attached to biological family, to nation-state, to security encapsulated in a wall? To dwell upon, is also to spend time with something – an idea, a sentiment, an image, an imaginary, perhaps an emancipatory future. Like a mechanical dwell, how and where can we find the time and place to pause, to wait, to laze, to be, together, in mutual care and study apart and away from the machinations of competition, reactionary imposition, and financialised space?

If you require somewhere to dwell, with thoughts and texts to dwell upon, to gather contrary to the spurious festivities of spectacularised nationalism, soft/WALL/studs will be open on 9 August to host wares' first open library event.

wares is a reading library and infoshop project that began from a recognition of the aloneness and yearning that marks contemporary life. How are we to break the alienation we experience under capitalist productivity? Exceeding isolated selves, what kinds of communality could we weave? What theoretical, affective, tactical, and aesthetic tools have to be recuperated to allow us to organise an actionable politics of radical emancipation? Collecting a tapestry of books, zines, and other printed matter for sharing, wares is at a nascent stage of coming into being. Beyond the objects it contains, or the subjectivities it transmits, are the unwritten futures that we can chart.

For a list of books currently in the wares library:

9 August 2017

Thank you and good night! Some announcements soon on coming plans; do like and follow the page for that~