A New Home

[Originally published as a series of slides on instagram, we reproduce it here verbatim, each image slide accompanied by transcribed text, with image descriptions at the end of the post.]

A quick and short post, sharing some of the notes visitors left for us and each other before we closed the library, and also to say:

Just in time, we made it, we've found a new home!

We've been resting, feeling out this space, understanding its new surroundings, and are excited to get it ready to welcome visitors again.

If you can, help us realise and sustain this next chapter through a monthly contribution on Patreon.

Our priority is on preparing the space to host meetings and gatherings for friends and comrades, while the library is being planned and built out for reopening.

Stay tuned for more updates, and we look forward to having you around soon!

[Image descriptions: four slides, all are photographic with off-white sans serif text, transcribed above, and the first three slides feature cut outs of hand-written square sticky notes overlaid on a background photo.

Slide 1: Purple sticky note, written large in thick black marker, “TO RAGE & HOPE TGT [together]”.

Blue sticky note, small cursive writing in black ink, “a space to learn, / a space to be, / a space to rest, / to live [heart symbol].

Red sticky note, small cursive writing in black ink, “I wish I had a space where I could make friends and feel less alone… someone to ask 'How did you live until now?' so I could feel less lost / this library is already extremely wonderful I hope it will be put up again one day”.

Green note, small text in black ink, “HI FRIEND, HOW DID YOU LIVE UNTIL NOW? May our paths cross”.

Purple note, large text in thin black marker, “Space: TO REST / TO GROW / TO LEARN / TO BE”.
Background is a photo of the Geylang infoshop through the door slightly closed, it is largely obscured by the notes but a small flyer on the door reads “organzing ourselves has never been anything else than loving each other”.

Slide 2: Yellow note, small cursive writing in black ink, “Everything here! A cosy and yet expansive space for encounters with people, books and ideas… A place to slow down and listen deeply. This is a magical place [heart symbol]”.

Yellow note, a drawing of a flower with many petals, two leaves, and roots, diagonally across the square. With the same black ink in small cursive writing, “may this beautiful space find new roots again.”

Background photo of plant leaves in a nondescript space and location, largely obscured by the notes.

Slide 3: Red note, small text in black ink, “A space where I simultaneously / – Feel comfrot, quiet, loved, at peace with myself & my body / – Feel overwhelmed, but not with anxiety or concern, but with love and power. [heart symbol and smiley face]”.

Yellow note, text in thin black marker, “A place to chill, connect with each other, read in silence, watch films, gather to discuss, have book sales or thrift sales for mutual aid [heart symbol coloured red]”.

Green note, small text in black ink, “This peace and calm and silence, just being [underlined] in the space. I love it here and am so sad to see it go. Love and luck for the move. xxx”.

Red note, small cursive writing in black ink,”hello! this space is everything I could ask for – great books, a sense of quiet, a way to slow time. Thank you for putting together this library & this space [heart symbol] / if you're reading this, I hope you rest well & soak in all the incredible love you deserve [three heart symbols]”.

Background photo of plants facing a window, largely obscured by the notes.

Slide 4: Photo of many rectangular cardboard boxes (containing the library's books) stacked up against a wall in a stepped pattern, some disassembled parts of furniture lie on top of them, as well as various tools and a guitar. Bits of late afternoon sunlight and shadows are cast from the right side.]